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General provisions

Keyvany GmbH reserves the right to reorganize the site, returning the products, prices, services offered on the site and other information on the site without prior notice. It enters as soon as it is published on the relevant site. With the use of the site, these pants are deemed to have been accepted.

It is currently unavailable and is constantly being checked up to date. However, this may not always be up to date and should be observed by the members. Keyvany GmbH cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions or inadequacies on the Site.

Scope of Services

The service to be provided by Keyvany GmbH through the Site; It will be available on the website www.keyvany.de; After the fee is paid by the member, Keyvany GmbH is delivered to the customer by the cargo company without any defects and damage within the promised time if the stock situation is suitable. This statement cannot be considered as a commitment.

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Limitation of Liability

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Keyvany GmbH does not make any commitment or guarantee that the users and / or will operate in a third third-order manner and without any defects

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Force Majeure

Keyvany GmbH is not liable for late performance or performance of these "WEBSITE TERMS OF USE" for all articles legally deemed force majeure. In this and similar works, Keyvany GmbH will not be incurred, delay or non-performance or default, or any compensation of Keyvany GmbH for these groups.